Lipid Lunacy

"The Obesity Epidemic is the most comprehensive demolition job on the arrogance and ignorance of the health profession I have ever read".
Barry Groves Author of Trick and Treat: How 'healthy eating' is making us ill

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Chapter 13

This chapter does for carbs what chapter 12 does for fats – you will know your simple sugars from your complex sugars. You will see how carbs can gain calories magically within the body! Do we need carbs at all? Let alone in the quantity advised by our governments? Is one sugar the same as another? Does sucrose (what we know as table sugar) in fact provide energy, or does it rob the body of energy? Why is fructose (fruit sugar) being called the fattening carbohydrate? How long have we known this?

Finally – where does five-a-day come from? It’s the most well known nutrition campaign – across more than 20 countries and three continents. It must have serious evidence behind it to be that successful and important? Well we’ll see. Hopefully, by this point in the book, nothing will surprise you!