Lipid Lunacy

"The Obesity Epidemic is the most comprehensive demolition job on the arrogance and ignorance of the health profession I have ever read".
Barry Groves Author of Trick and Treat: How 'healthy eating' is making us ill

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Listed by chapter, here are the references made in The Obesity Epidemic. The URL references were correct at the time the book went to print (July 2010). Where the reference is a journal, I have tried to find a web link for your convenience, but most of these I have in document form so this has not always been possible. (Some links do lead to a pay-to-view article – not all are freely available). Where the reference is a book, I have put a link across to the Amazon page for your convenience. I hope that this helps with your own research.

Introduction (References 1-7)

Part 1 – The general principle (References 8-17)
Chapter 1 – Energy balance vs. fat storage (References 18-28)
Chapter 2 – Is a calorie a calorie? (References 29-33)
Chapter 3 – Greed and sloth, or something else? (References 34-46)
Chapter 4 – What happens if we try to eat less/do more? (References 47-56)

Part 2 – The calorie formula (References 57-77)
Chapter 5 – What is a pound of fat? (References 78-83)
Chapter 6 – Where does the calorie formula come from? (References 84-89)
Chapter 7 – Is the calorie formula true? (References 90-117)

Part 3 – The diet advice (References 118-125)
Chapter 8 – Why did we change our diet advice? (References 126-159)
Chapter 9 – What did we change our advice to? (References 160-171)
Chapter 10 – What is our current diet advice? (References 172-193)
Chapter 11 – Have we reviewed the U-turn? (References 194-212)
Chapter 12 – “Eat less fat” (References 213-255)
Chapter 13 – “Base your meals on starchy foods” (References 256-280)
Chapter 14 – “Do more” – the role of exercise (References 281-311)

Part 4 – How can we stop The Obesity Epidemic? (Reference 312)
Chapter 15 – Conflicts of interest (References 313-352)
Chapter 16 – The organisational design of obesity management (References 353-385)

Summary (References 386-399)

Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD